Siren Shrub Co.

Shrub sipping vinegars



We are in the business of making shrub - sweet sipping vinegars crafted from fruits and herbs. Shrub is a historic drink thought by some to have originated on the sea. The fruit-sweetened, vinegar-based syrups were concocted as a way to preserve the seasons bounty, also doubling as an antidote for common illnesses that went along with life lived at sea.

We deem shrub as our drink of choice because we love it. The bright, alluring, thirst quenching power a simple splash of shrub provides sparkling water or a gin and tonic (after a long day) has us hooked.


Shrubs are simple to use, requiring very little thought but delivering major reward. The bright flavors allow you to taste every ingredient, enhancing your beverage effortlessly. You don’t need a recipe, a plethora of ingredients, or special bar equipment; it is as simple as a splash.

Whether your drink of choice is cocktail or mocktail, a splash of Siren Shrub Co. sipping vinegar will leave you feeling totally refreshed. Siren Shrub Co. is designed to lure you in and keep you hooked with EXACTLY the right taste you’ve been craving.

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