We highly value collaboration within the food system and are happy to reflect a close relationship with a farm partner in every bottle.


Seaquist Orchards - Sister Bay, WI

Seaquist Orchards is operating in a multi-generation family business. Although they have a small acreage of sweet cherries, they grow mostly Montmorency Tart cherries. Cherries were hand-picked, but now they use machine harvesters to shake the trees. The cherry season lasts only a few weeks and it is extremely important to remove the fruit at its peak ripeness.

Tart Cherry Provider


Tapped Maple Syrup - Stevens Point, WI

Tapped cooks syrup from sap collected each season from the Solin family’s heritage sugarbush, near Neva, Wisconsin, at the base of the glacial moraine. They’ve been making rich, flavorful maple syrup in small batches for 5 generations.

Maple Syrup Provider


Whitefeather Organics - Custer, WI

Whitefeather Organics has a holistic approach to farming. Their mission is to be an environmentally sensitive, local, healthy, and sustainable option for the community, offering a diverse connection to the food experience.

Basil Provider


Highland Valley Farm - Bayfield, WI

A unique part of the Bayfield experience for more than forty years ....Highland Valley Farm was established when they settled near Bayfield to raise a family in 1977.  Over the years they have become recognized for their efforts in promoting sustainable family farm agriculture, stewardship of the land, horticultural innovations, and superb products.

Currant Provider


Epic Nature Farm - Amherst Junction, WI

Ryan and DeAnn were both raised in Portage county. They grew up farming in traditional Polish immigrant families.  In the 80's, the pair met at the Stevens Point farmers market selling garden vegetables.  Later they were married, then moved to DeAnn's mother's 4th generation farmstead in 2003. They grow and raise a wide variety of animals and edible plants. 

Rhubarb Provider


Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen - Mineral Point, WI

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen is a state-inspected commercial kitchen owned and operated by an organization supporting people with disabilities. We are happy to have their partnership in producing our shrubs at a scale that enables us to quickly meet demand.