We have always been makers. Our friendship has revolved around cooking, canning, fermenting and now shrub making.

In the summer of 2015, we stumbled upon a shrub recipe and started playing around. The next summer, when Layne found out she was pregnant we realized that shrubs are the perfect replacement for alcohol. We started making shrub recipes using all the local produce we could get our hands on. Soon after, our refrigerators were brimming with shrubs.

At this point began taking them to parties and social gatherings…. and that’s when we discovered that shrubs aren’t just great for pregnant women, they fill a party void, because they are great for everyone the non-drinkers, drinkers, and kids alike.

We knew we were on to something...low and behold Siren Shrub Company was born right under our noses.



Mindy McCord

By Day, I work for Portage County and am a single mom to a VERY ambitious 7 year old boy.

By Night (in my spare time), I side hustle shrub with my dearest friend Layne who I’ve been cooking, canning, fermenting, drying, and drinking wine with since 2008.

Among other things: I love Wisconsin, I love the local food economy that is taking shape in the MidWest, I love to get my hands dirty and I almost never stop moving…unless it is 90 degrees outside, then I’d rather be drinking shrub and staying cool.


Layne Cozzolino

Lucky to be employed by Farmshed, an organization that puts my passion for local food and farmers to work on the daily.  

Aside from that, I’m having fun seeing the world through the eyes of our young son, supporting Josh’s permaculture dreams, and working with Mindy to figure out how to make Siren Shrub Sipping Vinegars - the more recognized shrub.  

There’s not much more that I could ask for than laughing alongside these two while we embark on these adventures side by side. Shrub mocktails got me through my pregnancy while Josh drank beers...I am forever grateful.


Josh Stolzenburg

While spending a couple of years traveling the world and volunteering in Mozambique and Brazil I learned a small amount of humility.  I came back to Wisconsin in 2002 and started working in food and energy.

By day I work in the solar business and begin to wade through what it takes to govern a business democratically while raising a boy who is growing a significant amount of teeth at present.